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Hey, so I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I love your videos and I think you're really smart. You've given people advice about reasons not to kill yourself, why cutting is completely and utterly stupid, how to not give a damn, and a…

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1 Reply · Reply by Daniel Skorup 49 minutes ago

Please tho

Onision/GregBy any chance could you make another cutting video? I'm sure i'm not the only one that enjoys watching them, they're hilarious, and I agree with your opinions on the topic and everything.Not sure if you take requests or anything but i'm…

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Kitty Mercury commented on Megan Steadman's blog post Thoughts
"It's interesting how each religion tells their followers to be kind to one another and not judge. The real Christian people do not judge those on their actions, and do not discriminate or be unkind. They are all suck hypocrites sometimes."
11 minutes ago
Gabrelle Boyle replied to makayla cox's discussion onisionspeaks
"Because those things are made by flicking creepy people"
39 minutes ago
Gabrelle Boyle replied to Emma's discussion Just pouring my problems onto you guys! :)
"Hahah you used blitch and yes I totally agree but if you do become friends again tell her that she needs to cut that shlit out and really own up to her responsibility as a friends and if she just keeps acting like a blitch say" fluck u" and leave yo…"
40 minutes ago
Daniel Skorup replied to Maxi Gray's discussion Help?
"you need to find some bravery, and that is no small feat."
49 minutes ago

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