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Stupid body.

Okay, to start off, I am a vegetarian. Not a vegan, but vegetarian.I'm thirteen years old.I like this one person, but I know they won't like me back if I look like this. I'm 5'2 and a half, and 165 lbs. I know I'm not a healthy weight, and I don't…

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7 Replies · Reply by Pseudonym 2 hours ago

Parents & Music

I listen to music of the "alternative" and 'rock' genre, such as BvB and MCR.  My parents are kind of judging and strict, I am afraid if they find out who I listen to they will be mad at me and ban me from listening to them. What should I do?

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6 Replies · Reply by hallie ayres 2 hours ago


Word Association! :)

I figured I'd contribute to this category since there's only 1 forum game so far, haha. So I went with a simple one that everyone probably already knows of; word association! RULES: 1) Only use 1 word 2) The word must be related in some way to the…

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1291 Replies · Reply by basma alaani on Wednesday

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