I have been healthier & happier without meat for about 6 years now. I love that I have the choice… I am lucky.

If you are willing to believe in yourself, I can believe in you. We are whatever we wish to be & I wish the best for you.

Remember love, keep it in the forefront of your mind. You are as bold & beautiful within as you allow.

Why Do People Hate Sam Pepper?

48.11% of women could see themselves being with another woman according to an Onision.net poll… damn ladies.

87.5% of people believe you should be thrown in prison for filming yourself grabbing women’s butts according to a new poll on Onision.net

Tumblr is such a weird place… like completely detached from reality. In the real world, I’m just a guy who makes YouTube videos. But according to Tumblr, I’m some kind of criminal psychopath… guys, this isn’t a comic book, this is real life. If I was what this alleged danger to society all those obsessed people keep saying I am, I would be in jail. You can take your meds & calm down now. It’ll be ok.