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Word Association! :)

I figured I'd contribute to this category since there's only 1 forum game so far, haha. So I went with a simple one that everyone probably already knows of; word association! RULES: 1) Only use 1 word 2) The word must be related in some way to the…

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Sheila Maria Motko replied to Francesca Elizabeth Noble's discussion need some advice ASAP :'( please tell me what i can do?
"Tell him your not interested in him like that, if he keeps it up don't go around him,if you must don't go alone. If he doesn't want to respect your decisions then he really isn't worth being a friend at all. He needs to understand that No means no a…"
7 minutes ago
Kerry Dowel posted a discussion
Hii there fellow Bananas... (Or just other random people on the Onison Forum, I don't judge)I'm not doing to well right now, see I recently told a guy I'm in love with him, and he replied with "Ok.."I felt incredibly hurt, and annoyingly he's moved…
9 minutes ago
Lillian Smith left a comment for Lillian Smith
"Oh, I can write stories, and I can sing odes! I can write poetry, and cosplay alone... Dying the color of my pale, peach skin, knowing this is a game I won't win.
- The words of a fangirl :P"
15 minutes ago
Kerry Dowel updated their profile photo
17 minutes ago