"Do you ever wonder if that Onision guy fucks his wife while wearing his beloved fake boobs?"

Don’t be stupid, obviously she’s the one who fucks me when I’m wearing the tits, right in my ass… why else would I wear the boobs to bed? Boobs = I want to be the girl.

Fucking logic.

Me: Hey baby, I’m wearing the tits tonight.
Her: Ok, I’ll get the strap-on.
Me: YAY!!!


Now I see that u don't really look like andy biersack I think you look sexier than andy

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Andy: Flawless.
Me: Imperfect.

Andy: Made by gods.
Me: Made by reproductive organs.

Andy: Rock star.
Me: Banana.

Conclusion: You have a fetish for bananas that is so intense it makes you blind to undeniable perfection.