Why did the chicken cross the road? And I expect a logical answer.

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To accurately answer your question I would first need to know which specific chicken you were talking about, the time of day when they crossed, their exact location and if you could also provide an in-depth description of that chicken’s life up to the point of their crossing that’d be greaaaat.

A good way to die before your heart stops beating is to give up on your dreams.

The foreskin serves as an anti-rape mechinism in that it can cause pain to a man forcing his penis inside someone who is not lubricated. That’s a fact.

Circimcision was invented to help prevent people from masturbating… so… horny men + no anti-rape mechanism? Obvious bad situation.

Luckily circimcision did not stop people from masturbating their now mutilated penises.

The foreskin has a number of benefits (1) bigger size (2) moving parts (3) easier masturbation (4) protects sensitivity of penis head (5) foreskin itself is more sensitive/improves sexual sensation (6) helps discourage rape (7) are we seriously still debating this?

You can argue all you like, a man in-tact is simply whole. A man who is not in-tact is literally less of a man as he does not have all the parts a naturally-born man has.

The definition of mutilation goes hand in hand with circumcision. One of the best gifts you can give your kids is the choice to decide for themselves what they want to do with their bodies later in life.

Having a foreskin is perfectly safe, healthy, awesome & every man is entitled to one god damn it.

Maybe this whole time you've just been so attractive you attracts haters aswell..... (And I can't spell aswell sorry)

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If that were true, most everyone would hate Brad Pitt.

Nope, he’s gorgeous & I don’t hate him.

So why do people hate me? Because I’m an insensitive asshole.

I ordered this shit sandwhich so I’m going to pay for it.